3 submissive positions

As part of our mentoring with Mistress Sky, we’ve been taught positions to use. They’re fun and can add an easy way to remind both sides of the slash of the dynamic.

Position 1:
Shoulders back, back straight, gaze down, hands on top of each other in front of the body / crotch. Standing or kneeling.

Position 2:
Like position 1, with hands on top of each other behind the back. Standing or kneeling.

Position 3:
Like position 1, with hands on top of each other above the head. Standing or kneeling. The “inspection” position.

Bear took to position 1 initially, and then stopped using it. I’ll remind him that these are fun. 🙂

2 thoughts on “3 submissive positions”

  1. I was trying to visualize the positions, but couldn’t. Can you be more specific, starting from the very beginning? From what position are you starting from?

    1. From a standing position, feet roughly shoulder-width apart. Shoulders are back, back is straight, gaze is lowered (how far depends on how tall you are – if you can look at the ground without needing to bend your neck way down, do).
      From there, hands are crossed at the crotch, behind the back, or above the head – in the first two, arms are a “V”, in the last, arms form sort of a rhombus.
      Can be done standing or kneeling. Pretty simple. Simple is good in my book.

      I’ve asked Bear whether he’d like to take pictures to illustrate.

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