Aching for it

It’s been 9 days since I was pierced. It feels as if gentle teasing would be possible now, though I feel pretty certain Bear will want to wait a while longer. I continue to boggle at the rate a PA heals at.

Bear, for his part, wants no part of touching my cock while it’s healing. He’s touched me briefly for a second or two, and once indulged me by resting his hand on my cock for a full half minute. I am used to frequent teasing, and I miss it. And, that’s part of the arrangement: Just because I want my cock played with doesn’t mean that happens.

Case in point, Bear was in bed reading Sunday morning, and I started playing with his balls. Before long, he was getting hard, and I asked for permission to suck him off. Which he gave.

I lie down with his left leg draped over my torso, so he can touch my cock if he wants to. Ever hopeful, me. And start by kissing his cock and balls, then giving him a few good slow licks before taking him into my mouth.

I am fully, achingly erect while I suck Bear off. He is moaning and getting very much into what I am giving, and then he grabs my head with both hands and starts fucking my mouth, hard. I am no longer sucking him off now. It’s all I can do to keep my teeth off him. I can’t move my head at all.

When he comes, he releases me enough that I can take him deep, burying my nose in his crotch. I stay there for as long as his orgasm lasts, and gag a bit towards the end. Then I surface for air, and lick him clean. I thank him. He squeezes another drop of cum from his cock, and I lick that up, too.

And during all this, he doesn’t touch my cock once. I am still achingly hard. I know my erection won’t be played with. I feel an up-welling of submission and gratitude. I offered him pleasure and he took it, and that is so very right.


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