That happy subby feeling

The other night, I told Bear that getting pierced was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time.

“Why is that?” he inquired.

Because it felt like he finally accepted me for who I am, I said.

“I’ve always accepted you for who you are,” Bear said. “I think it’s more that I am now accepting my part of that, my responsibility.”

He has an excellent point. To unpack that conversation a little: The piercing is a first step. It’ll heal, and I’ll stretch it to 4ga, and then for our wedding anniversary next year, Bear will put a locking curved barbell into my dick, and he’ll take ownership of me again. Which he relinquished when our first attempt at Master/pet crashed and burned, lo these many years ago.

To me, then, this isn’t just a piercing. It’s a symbol. Bear has told me that the piercing and the jewelry in it are his. By extension, my dick belongs to him; and next year, I will belong to him. And that feels great.

I told him that I view the piercing as a piece of his will and desire that is always in me. He looked at me somewhat blankly, then joked “if I could always be in you, I would be.” I think I may have gone a little overboard with the flowery language.

I am definitely reacting to Bear’s increasing sense of dominance. It makes it easier for me to remember that he has the last say – though I still talk back plenty – and to address him as “Sir” in the appropriate context. And I am hoping that this, in turn, makes it easier for him to show his dominant side, that we have the beginnings of a positive feedback loop here.

However our relationship evolves, you know I’ll be blogging about it here.

This Saturday, Bear started teasing me again. Very lightly, just running a fingertip along the underside of my cock or the edges, or touching a fingertip to the piercing. This is intensely pleasurable, and I get vocal and loud when he does that. Until he reminds me our son is in the house and I should keep it down.

I am happy he’s comfortable teasing me again. I crave more, I want him to wrap my cock in his hand and stroke me. He is waiting until the piercing has had more time to heal. I want to be patient, and I am. I was debating whether I should tell him about the cravings I feel, and decided it was better for me to tell him, and tell him that I want to be patient and this is not to be understood as me pestering him. He told me he wants to know what I feel.

The piercing feels healed at this point, though being careful with it is definitely still the order of the day. It’s been a bit over 2 weeks since it went in.

Bear has had 3 orgasms in the past 4 days, which is quite unusual for him. He doesn’t often have that much sexual appetite. I am enjoying it thoroughly.


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