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Controlling Schnoff was started by me, Schnoff, in August 2013 to share my thoughts on male chastity orgasm denial and D/s (Dominance/submission) which I have been practicing with my husband, Bear.

Bear wants to control my orgasm, and I am only to happy to oblige him. We currently use the honor system, that is to say we do not use a chastity device.

D/s was restricted to sexual activity and personal acts of service, it did not extend to household matters, employment, social activity, and so on.

As of summer 2015, we have renegotiated these terms. Bear has the “last say” in things. My career and our finances are still things we tackle as partners and where I can veto. In all other matters, Bear has the final say, after (often vigorous) discussion.

There are plenty of chastity and denial blogs out there, but precious few that have a gay male perspective, or a perspective of D/s as an overlay to an otherwise equal partnership, or talk about chastity denial without the use of a device. I reckon there’s room for more voices on the topic on these here Interwebs.


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  1. Hello Schnoff! Glad I found your blog. Yes, there is more need for gay dom/sub perspectives with chastity and orgasm denial. I’m very new to this and I found you on the Chastity forum. Would you be interested in talking or chatting through email or messages? I’m looking for resources from a gay perspective. My partner and I are new to this and would love to have some pointers and assistance!

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