It’s Day 4 since receiving my PA piercing. I had switched to boxers yesterday to help with the pain of getting the jewelry caught in my boxer-briefs during nightly erections. That change helped. It still hurts getting hard, enough to half-rouse me from sleep, but it’s a lot less unpleasant than it was. I met …

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My shower looks like something out of a Hitchcock movie. There’s a thick coating of blood, some of it coagulated in ropes, and spatters on the sides. A blue latex glove full of blood is threatening to tip over. I am squatting, trying to clean up the mess with the shower head, and more blood …

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One of Bear’s favorite sexual fantasies is a rape fantasy. He is king and leader of an army, and after defeating an opposing army, forces the leader of that army into receptive anal and oral sex. Which is met at first with resistance, and eventually (over weeks and months) gives over to enjoyment and mutual …

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