My first ever “proper” cage arrived – ball-trap, cheapo Chinese thing from DHGate, this one. And of course I wanted to try it out. It’s so small it put enough pressure on my glans to make me ejaculate, which, that wasn’t what it’s meant to be for. Here I am, trying to get the damn lock in – not the best-machined cage in the world, and I did not manage to align this properly while it’s on my dick – and before I know it, ejaculate is flowing out of me. That felt odd. Not like an orgasm, but physiologically, it was one, of course.

I was nervous to tell Bear, and did so with a 2 day delay. I am now under orders to tell him immediately, and to stop playing around with toys if it seems like I’m even remotely likely to get close.

Once the 1-year anniversary of my last proper orgasm is past, we’ll try this thing on again, this time with Bear present, so he can see what that orgasm / ejaculation looks like.

I can see that being a fun way to play, actually – put the cage on, see me ejaculate, then Bear fucks me in the ass. Kinky. And amusing. A chastity cage as a masturbation device, who would have thought.

The cage allows for a smallish PA piercing to pass through its bars – 9mm or less will work. I don’t expect it to be comfortable for longer-term wear, so it’s definitely a “play session only” toy.

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