Dihydrogen Monoxide

Day 3 after receiving my PA piercing, and there’s precious little to write about. I drink inordinate amounts of water, some of it as sports drinks to keep my trace elements up, and piss like a race horse. There’s a little bit of burning when pissing, nothing bad.

Nothing has changed in the way I piss, either. I always sat down, since I’m the one who’d have to clean up the inevitable mess anyway. I still piss in a single stream. I think that’s because I am uncut, and because of the jewelry Bear chose, which has a ball on each end. My foreskin holds the ball close to the hole in my dick, and so the stream has nowhere to go but where it always went: Out the front.

Morning erections are a pain in the dick and wake me up. There’s always a bit of blood. The pain is from the jewelry getting caught in my underwear as I get hard, not from the erection itself. Now that I no longer bleed as a matter of course, I have switched back to boxers and will see whether that’s more comfortable.

Bear has given me back the cock ring I gave him for safe keeping. “It’s not like you’d be wearing this right now anyway,” he said. I’ll wait until I am entirely pain-free during erections before telling Bear that I can start wearing the ring in the house again.

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