Feel the Bern

Still on our road trip, while in an AirBnB in southern CA up on a hill with an amazing view, after I had made and served breakfast, Bear had me put on the cock and ball leather harness I so like, and some see-through panties. Then he snapped some pictures, while fondling me.

When he was done with picture taking, and I was still standing in the middle of the room, he came back with a tube of masturbation cream in his hand. I liked where this seemed to be going. He had some cream in his right hand, and he hugged me with one arm while smearing it over my balls with the other. That was a little odd, he doesn’t usually go for the balls, but I didn’t think anything of it.

Then the smell hit me. Not masturbation creme. Ben Gay. The tube had just been there to throw me off.

At first, there was pleasant warmth, then heat. I liked that a lot so far. Happy moans. And then the pain started. My balls, already stretched by the leather harness, turned an angry red. Pained moans.

Then Bear pushed me down onto my knees and told me to suck his cock. I didn’t need to be told twice. I gave him pleasure the best way I know how with my lips, tongue and hands, all the while very aware of my pained, burning balls and my straining cock.

Halfway through, Bear asks me how I’d like to make him come: By masturbating him, or by sucking him off?

I thought about it for a second and came off his cock long enough to say: “I don’t know that I can answer that, Sir.”

Which was the truth. I knew that if I masturbated him, he’d like it a lot, and I’d get a chance of being teased myself. And if I sucked him off, he’d like that a lot, and my cock would probably not get any further attention. And, kneeling in front of him sucking him off felt very right.

“Okay,” Bear said. “I’ll decide when I’m closer.”

Then he started fucking my mouth, holding my head with his hands. When I’d gag, he would slow down long enough for the reflex to pass, then resume his pace. When he came, it was deep in my throat, and he pulled my face into his crotch, ignoring the gag reflex he was triggering.

I thanked him, and when he moved away, stood up again. Truth be told, I was hoping that masturbation cream would see some use yet after all. My balls had settled down a bit and were still aching and red, but no longer intensely painful. Bear was moving around the room continuing his morning routine. After a minute or so, he looked over, saw me standing there, and said “you can get dressed again.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, looked at the untouched puddle of pre in my slit with longing, and took off the cock and ball harness and got dressed.

This scene was exciting and painful and uncomfortable while it happened, and gets hotter every time I think back on it. Bear tells me he enjoyed causing me discomfort, and he will use Ben Gay on my balls again. I can hardly wait.


As for the subject of this post: It was right there! I had to!

4 thoughts on “Feel the Bern”

  1. Hello. My Master once did the ben gay thing on my balls too and then sounded me. I made the mistake of trying to shower the ben gay off afterwards. I enjoyed your post.

    1. Owww. I can imagine that water would make it much worse.
      Google suggests wiping excess off with Kleekex followed by applying olive oil to stop the burn. Though I wouldn’t want to try that short of a dire emergency – otherwise I’m sure I’d just be inviting something worse :).

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