Fractions of a mm

After my piercing closed during MRI, I am now back to 0ga. Can I just say: Ouch. Those last 0.15mm in diameter did not want to go through. Happily, the taper is a little wider than the jewelry, making the jewelry actually a relief.

I’ll be traveling for a week in late August. I’ve reached out to Evotion to get a smaller pin, 8mm, so I have the option of wearing the device while I am away. It’ll be a little over 3 months without orgasm or any kind of ejaculation at that time, and I know I struggle with temptation when I am away from home for more than a few days.
I still intend to give my impressions of the Evotion once I can actually secure it to my dick. From a quick “test wear”, it is light-weight and we got the sizing right. How it behaves when it’s anchored to a piercing, and whether it remains comfortable despite foreskin, I am keen to find out.

Our latest home renovation project is just about completed. New interior doors, new trim, new floor, new windows, fresh coat of paint in the front rooms. It makes a huge difference. We still have a long way to go – one bathroom and two bedrooms that are in truly sorry state, not to mention our basement and garage – and, even now where we are about halfway done, the quality of life increase has been worth every penny.

We live in an inexpensive part of the country, and we considered just moving into the house we wanted. Instead, we are revamping this one, to the tune of about half its value. It’s not a financially optimized thing to do, for sure. But it’s a life style win: We don’t have to move, which we are both loath to do, and we are getting the house we want. The cost is about equal between buying and remodeling – just that we won’t get the remodel dollars “back out” again in the area this house is in. Given that we intend to stick here until retirement, which is 15-ish years away, I am okay with that.

We’ve signed up for Lee Harrington’s weekend D/s intensive. That should be a lot of fun. If you will be there, consider shooting us a note.

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