Have PA, will travel

I’ve been through airport security six times since I stretched the PA to 6ga and started wearing a steel circular barbell instead of the titanium curved barbell I had before.

In a nutshell, it’s not an issue. The old-style metal detectors don’t react to this amount of metal. The operators of the backscatter full body scanners do frequently flag my groin area – or “sensitive area” as the TSA agent put it. How TSA reacts to that depends on the agent and the airport. In a few airports, they ignored it. In one airport, they checked the inside of my waistband. And once, they gave me a thorough pat-down, including multiple passes over my genitals with the back of the agent’s hands.

I did not volunteer that I have a genital piercing. All that triggers is a pat-down, and pat-down is the standard response anyway.

There’s not much else going on. Bear has been sick as a dog with severe cold for a few weeks. I miss having sex with him. He’s mending, so it can only be a matter of days :).

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