One of Bear’s favorite sexual fantasies is a rape fantasy. He is king and leader of an army, and after defeating an opposing army, forces the leader of that army into receptive anal and oral sex. Which is met at first with resistance, and eventually (over weeks and months) gives over to enjoyment and mutual love, at which point this vanquished leader becomes his most favored slave and they are sexually exclusive with each other.
Which makes it more than a ravishment than a rape fantasy, actually.

This weekend, Bear told me he had been thinking about an idea for a picture. He wants to act out this fantasy with a few more props. He wants to tie my arms and legs to a 2×4 or 4×4 using cuffs, he tells me, and tie my balls back to something so I can’t move forward and “escape.”

I was all over that. Instantly hard (not that it takes much these days,) and raring to put this plan into motion. After we had breakfast at our favorite place, I drove us to ACE to get some screw-in eye-bolts. Bear was amused by my eagerness. For my part, being eager is core to the job description.

And now fantasy has to meet the details of making it happen. Bear thought some more about what he wants, and he’s thinking he doesn’t want horizontal 4x4s, he wants two pieces of lumber crossed at an angle, and fasten the cuffs to that. Which,  conveniently, would also get us started on that piece of furniture every kinky person seems to covet, the St. Andrew’s Cross.

For tying the balls back, he wants to use an elastic, rather than rope, to avoid catastrophic injury. I’ll be on all fours, and I think the risk is minimal – still, that’s a smart precaution.

So now I have Homework, with a capital H. Write this blog post – easy, done – and create the beginnings of a St. Andrew’s Cross. That’s not easy. To do that, I need a work space. The same work space we’ve been talking of creating since we moved into this house some 8 years ago. The garage is a clutter of stuff both useful and not, with not even enough room to walk freely – clambering over things is involved. Well, now I have a compelling reason to de-clutter it. Which will take months. At the very least.

I’ve committed to doing that: Create a work space, create then a work bench, and start on a cross. I fully expect I’ll still be blogging about that a year from now.

For the noo, I’ll make some spreader bars. Laid out in a square with a cross-brace, they’ll be functional for enacting Bear’s fantasy.  Who wants to wait a year.

3 thoughts on “Homework”

  1. This sounds delicious! I love rape fantasies as well. What works really well for me is wrestling or other physical struggle with Sir, and because He’s fitter than me, haha, (AND HE DOESN’T PLAY FAIR!) I always lose, after which I am “raped”. It is delightful ^___^

  2. Don’t let a lack of a ‘proper’ work space stop you! What you’re talking about building is very simple. You could have the lumber cut to length at the lumber yard (usually for free). All you need then is a drill to make a few holes to join the two pieces together with carriage bolts and washers. (That way you can take the cross apart for easy storage).

    Last fall, I made something similar in the dining room! Fortunately, we have bare wood floors so the clean up wasn’t too bad.

    Great to see some new posts from you!

    1. You’re right it’s a simple project and I could probably do this in the living room. But … not doing it in the living room and going “I need a proper workspace first” gives me an extra incentive to get the garage done. Which has been a mess for going on a decade.
      Should I need that kind of incentive to get the cleanup done? Surely not. I live with the “is” not the “should be” though, so I’ll take anything that has a promise of working out.

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