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  1. Yay! So great to see another post!

    I'm glad to read you and Bear are working hard on your relationship and are moving forward. You obviously have some committed, talented helpers working with you. Good luck in your journey.

    I never quite understood Bear's disapproval of chastity devices, but good for him for reexamining his position. I think he will find it is a useful tool. You will become much, much more submissive to him, locked up safely, and that will undoubtedly appeal to him. I look forward to reading more about this turn of events.

    Happy Fall, and thanks again for posting!

    • Thank you for the kind words!

      I am really stoked about this part of the journey. Whatever Bear's truth is, it'll be empowering to know it. If his truth is that he wants control, but not "control over", we'll figure out what that means for our relationship, at the time. If instead he ends up embracing dominance, I'll be overjoyed.

      No word yet from steelworxx - and yes, I'm looking forward to getting some help with staying obedient. Failing again and again is getting old.

      • For long-term wear, I recommend an open cage style device. Something with bars you can slip a finger or soft toothbrush between for everyday cleaning. With the enclosed metal or plastic tube style device, it has to be removed daily, which can be a bother for your Keyholder. If you don't remove and clean daily, it gets horribly rank! The cage style is easy to keep clean and can stay locked on, indefinitely.

        • Oh yeah, cleaning was very much on my mind. We've ordered a "Securo Cage 2". A finger wouldn't fit, but there's room for water via showerhead and for a Q-tip. I'll have to see how it goes. I don't want this to be a bother for Bear, and I definitely want it to stay clean.


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