I am at odds with my dick …

… and it’s winning. I had an MRI for a shoulder injury, for which I took the dick jewelry out. My penis used the opportunity to heal the hole in it. So now I’m down to 2ga, slowly trying to stretch back up to 0ga. Seriously dick, realize it’s for your own good!

Home life is good. We’re done renovating the kitchen and the room above the garage; and now we’ve gotten started on the dining room and living room. Bear is unhappy about the “constant construction zone” around here. It is helpful though, we’re nesting and making our house into something we truly want to live in, rather than just a bunch of rooms that house us. It’s about time, honestly.

I ordered and received a 3D-printed chastity cage anchored by the PA but, see above, my PA is now smaller than it was and I can’t anchor the cage. Kink can be downright hilarious. It was meant to be used on business trips, to make life easier for me. I’ll “just” have to stay good without its help.

Speaking of, this morning I asked Bear how he felt about keeping me horny until Thanksgiving, or maybe this time next year. “Loosely held”, meaning he can of course change his mind at any time, or go too far in teasing me. He said he liked the idea, it sounded like fun. Let’s see how far we get – the longest I’ve gone without orgasm so far has been just over 4 months, while being brought close once or twice a week. I’d love 6 months, or a year. Let’s make that happen.

4 thoughts on “I am at odds with my dick …”

  1. Oh, no! Maybe you can get a plastic piercing for traveling in?

    I know all too well the frustration of living in a construction zone. Please post some pics, we’d love to see what you’ve done!

  2. Im surprised it “healed” in the time required for getting an MRI. Is this typical? If that happens that fast is there an issue switching from an initial curved barbell to the anchoring pin for a MCD after the 6+ week healing period?

    1. It’s, shall we say, not unheard of. For some people, around 0ga, it “stabilizes” and won’t shrink any more. My dick, it appears, is really keen on repairing the damage done to it. Your mileage may vary.
      Wolverine probably just punches whatever gauge he wants fresh every time he switches jewelry.

      As for initial healing period and anchoring: I wouldn’t anchor on anything below 6ga, because of surface area. So if you got pierced at 8ga, give it about 3 months, then stretch to 6ga, wait for that to heal, then anchor. PAs are not for the impatient – and yeah, I was impatient, too. 🙂

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