We attended our local MAsT meeting yesterday. The discussion theme was “Individuality in the community”. The discussion quickly got to the various ways that the leather / BDSM community can be very prescriptive, normative: Be a rugged individual who bucks convention, but the right way.

If there’s one thing I want to say, again and again, it’s that there’s many ways. There is room for diversity. Sensitive Masters? Sure. Not into pain, whips, chains? Copacetic. Want to just buy your leather, not earn it? Yup. That was a thing in the 50s, and it’s still a thing now. Want to use the title “slave”, but unsure whether it fits you? That’s for you and your partner to say, and no one else.

On the domestic side, we’re continuing our reclamation project of our house. One spare bedroom upstairs is done, and the computers and printers have been moved in. That gets us to where we can empty out the “great room” above the garage and tackle it. The downstairs bathroom is languishing, we have a contractor to spur into action; and the upstairs bathroom gets tackled after the great room. Progress. Possibly just in time to move out, we’ll know in a month or two, but still progress.

I’m 10 weeks into denial and it feels great. I need next to no willpower to keep from stroking myself, and I have mornings where I am so sensitive I can feel my clothing on every part of my body. Bear has developed a habit of getting me close repeatedly while I see to his orgasm, then continuing to stroke me for a minute or so after he came himself. Heavenly. This is definitely starting to work; we’ve figured out a way to do orgasm denial without a device that works better than what we did before. I’ll write a more detailed post about that moresoonerish.

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