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The Internet Needs To Know: Bear had me come, the first full orgasm in one-and-a-half years and a bit. And, he told me he wanted me to come only when I had his cock in my mouth, so I’d associate sucking him off with the pleasure of orgasm.

Fun. Orgasm control, not orgasm denial: I’m more than okay with that. The thought that I’ll be conditioned to crave oral because it’s the only way I’ll come, that thought gets hotter the longer I sit with it.

As for the ‘rona, we are both healthy, act like complete recluses, and don’t have to worry about food or mortgage. I feel truly blessed. A large portion of the country – not so much. We have a hunger crisis, in the US. 15 million people without adequate access to food, the food banks are running low, and it might get worse. In the richest country on earth. It boggles the mind. Wanting to do at least a little to help, we’ve started a monthly donation to our local food bank. If you can afford to, I encourage you to do likewise.

Anonymous asks:

First off, thank you for sharing your experiences. I’ve had my PA for quite some time and I’m FINALLY upsizing it (2g ring should be waiting for me at home today). Of all your chastity devices and piercing jewelry, which is your most/least favorite, most/least comfortable for long term wear? I also thought I read about a pee-thru barbell- did you have one of these or just thought about it? At any rate, it sounds like you have a fantastic dynamic in your relationship! All the best to you and Bear.

Congratulations on 2g! That’s a great size to be at. Substantial, yet still with a lot of jewelry options.

The pee-thru barbell from Steelwerks we never bought. It is eye-wateringly expensive, as befits a work of art. It’s also at most 2g, and I already knew I was going past 2g.

Most favorite dick jewelry: The 1/2″ gauge steel barbell from Body Circle. I like to fantasize I’m fucking someone with it, and giving them a quivering orgasm. Not that I have been topping anyone in going on 2 decades, or likely will :).

Close runner up: Also 1/2″ gauge, a 1″ diameter Monster Screwball Ring. Which is also the least comfortable. I can maybe wear that monster for half an hour, before it needs to come back out.

Most comfortable and therefore my daily wear: 12mm Titanium screwball ring from some dodgy Chinese site, no doubt a mystery alloy. It’s not implant grade at those prices. I know Anatometal goes up to 11mm, but I really like the 12mm and 1/2″ gauges. If you know of a reputable shop that sells 12mm or 1/2″ Titanium jewelry, barbell or ring, do let me know.

Favorite cock ring: 45mm Primal Fusion. Not suitable for wearing very long, because it’s so tight. I like how constraining it is, but it creates a sore spot eventually – not to mention nocturnal erections can actually become painful.

Most comfortable cock ring: 50mm Primal Fusion. That’s what I wear around the house most every day. Unlike a round 50mm, which eventually becomes uncomfortable, the Primal Fusion in 50mm is entirely comfortable. Primal truly have come up with the “better mousetrap” of cock rings, simply by creating a design that flows with the contours of male genitals, rather than just being round. Who would have thought.

Chastity devices – I haven’t worn one in months. Favorite and most comfortable: The Evotion Bijou 3D-printed job.

Runner up, and not at all comfortable for long-term wear: A “gates of hell” kind of thing with snaps, from Etsy somewhere.

Everything else I have are cheap Chinese ideas, none of which actually fit me. Girth strikes again. We tried putting one on for giggles, and on the first attempt I came, because of the sheer pressure of the thing; on the second attempt I created a raw spot on the skin of my dick. Yup. No. Those aren’t for me.

Favorite ball weight: A 2lb weight from Secret Leather. Stays comfortable for a week or so. I don’t wear it very often; I do like it.

The leather ball stretcher I like, but it doesn’t stay comfortable for even a day.

Favorite collar: Lockable Metall Geyer, with an engraved “Pet”. I don’t get to wear this very often.

Most comfortable collar: Dragons from Metall Geyer. I wear this every day, including to work.

Here’s a picture of the 1/2″ gauge barbell, Primal Fusion cockring, and Etsy “gates of hell” thing, being worn.

1/2″ gauge barbell and ball weight. I do love how thick that jewelry is.

1/2″ gauge monster screwball ring with 1″ diameter. Not even Pan can save me from that weight.

Evotion Bijou. Entirely comfortable, anchored through the PA with a 10mm pin.

And lastly, fun with a ball stretcher and a bit of string tying my cock down, through a PA ring. Definitely not comfortable – and who says you need a fancy device to restrain a cock.

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