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  1. When I was younger, my taste I fashion was much more daring. But you can get away with that when you're young.

    My Masters buy all my clothes. I can pick out what to wear​, daily (most of the time). My clothing now is fairly boring, for someone who once was into fashion. But it's also nice not to have to struggle putting together an 'outfit,' as my clothes now are more of a uniform.

    My Masters are not at all into woman's clothing, or seeing me in them. That's probably a good thing, as that has no appeal to me.

    Years ago, I had a Dom who used to make me wear girl's underwear. I did it because he made me do it, but it wasn't particularly humiliating or anything. It was, frankly, just kind of a buzzkill for me, which is probably why we didn't last?

  2. "Buzzkill" is a good way to put it.

    If your Masters buy all your clothes, is there a clothes allowance from your own income for that, or do they buy out of their funds?

    What happens when you need / want something specific, like a new sports jacket or suit?

    • I work for them so I don't really need anything other than what they provide. My shoes were recently becoming a little threadbare, but I didn't want to make a big deal about it. When it was noticed that the sole was coming detached, they admonished me for not speaking up about it.

      I have a credit card for household expenses, but I have to ask if there is something I need for myself, other than medications.


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