Spit-roast fantasy

During the last MAsT meeting, we talked about fantasies and aspirations, and what keeps us from making fantasies reality. I fantasize about giving someone with female genitalia an orgasm daily, oral or otherwise. That fantasy isn’t worth pursuing because I’d need to end my relationship with Bear to do so.

Bear fantasized about spit-roasting me, with him fucking me in the ass while I suck another guy off. He is worried he’ll develop intense feelings of jealousy, which is why he doesn’t want to pursue that. I asked him whether that fear of loss, which is what is underneath jealousy, could be dealt with by keeping my dick in a cage that only he has the keys to – would this change the way he feels? He doesn’t know, he says. And, he’s glad we can discuss it and I am not pressuring him.

Both of us would want such an encounter to feel right – with someone we both like, with Bear feeling excited and secure in knowing I am devoted to him.

I’m not holding my breath for any of that. And, we’re talking about it. That’s hot in its own right.

Grand Adventure

A friend reached out, they’re planning a hunt, with human prey, human pups, and human ponies. This sounds like so much fun. Bear thinks the idea is “silly”; I think it’s hot. And silly. I’d love to participate as a hound. Here’s hoping Bear can see the fun in it.

Dick Cage Update

The Evotion Cage is being redone in its entirety. The tip – the part that fits over the glans – was far too constricting. Adding glans width and height measurements should fix that. The pin, that fits through the PA, exited below where my piss slit (the meatus) ends. Adding a PA height measurement fixed that. Hopefully, in a couple months, I’ll have a cage that fits well and that I can wear without pain, for an extended period of time.

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