Prince Albert: 0ga

Time for a Dick Jewelry update, as one does. I’ve last increased the size of my PA piercing to 2ga in late August 2016, about a year and a half ago. Rest assured, the blowout that happened with that has completely healed.

Today, the 0ga taper I’ve been testing on and off slipped right through. Woo-hoo, I’m at 0ga! I do like the look of larger-gauge jewelry. There was a small amount of discomfort / burning feeling, but nothing major. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson and this stretch will heal without complications and without needing to step down to 2ga again.

I used a taper and jewelry from Body Circle, who are now my go-to shop for stainless steel dick jewelry.

I went ahead and ordered a titanium ring with screw-in ball, from Anatometal. That should arrive mid-May. I opted for this over a captive bead ring or segment ring because the discussions with Steelworxx are proceeding apace, and I should have a glans cage that fits me within a few months. I see value in being able to exchange dick jewelry without the need to bust out some serious tools. 0ga rings do not open easily.

I am, truth be spoken, already eyeing 00ga. However, I’ll take my time. The available jewelry goes down sharply the higher up one goes in gauge. Beyond 00ga, it’s basically just “Stainless Steel Barbell”, and I do like the idea of pretty rainbow-colored titanium jewelry. That means 00ga would be the largest I can stretch to – and I’m not sure yet that the extra mm kicks me that hard.

Right. Who am I kidding. That said, not very soon. I’ll stay at 0ga for at least a year.

I took the opportunity to go through all the dick jewelry I’ve acquired over the past three years. Boy, I did go overboard at 2ga, and no mistake. Other than being a silly and fun collection shot, this is also an offer. If you see anything here that looks interesting, or you want the whole collection, shoot me a note. I’ll entertain pretty much any offer. This stuff just takes up space here, after all. I’ll sterilize the jewelry in a steam pressure cooker for an hour, of course. Poor man’s autoclave :).

8ga to 4ga. The 8ga jewelry is Titanium. My notes on 6ga tell me that’s a stainless steel barbell. The ring might be stainless or titanium . 4ga is stainless steel, I think by Body Circle, but honestly, that might be Industrial Strength after all – with matching taper. If I were to do this over, I’d stretch to 6ga with a Body Circle taper.

4ga was the first size that felt comfortable, where I didn’t feel a pinching sensation when masturbating. Dicks are special snowflakes and your experience will be individual, but still, I wouldn’t want to wear a PA smaller than 4ga.


2ga collection. Lots of Body Circle stainless, with some end balls that are not of reasonable size :). One Titanium captive bead rainbow ring, a few Industrial Strength stainless, and two tapers. The unthreaded taper is pretty much useless. The IS taper is what I used, but looking back, if I had to do this again, I’d use a Body Circle taper.

3 thoughts on “Prince Albert: 0ga”

  1. I still get a little queasy when you mention the trouble you had going up in size! Hope your old jewels find a nice home!

    1. I’m thinking about doing a “things I wish I had known when I got a PA” post. Mostly around stretching and about finding jewelry that fits. The reason I was so keen to go up in size was to get larger end balls, so the jewelry wouldn’t disappear down my piss slit. Turns out I didn’t have to do that, if I had found the one shop that offers large balls earlier.

  2. You don’t have to go directly from 2ga to 0ga. Although not as common as gauges of even numbers, 1ga exists and is readily available, both tapers and PA jewelry. Just do a search. Also check that mega sized online store named after a very big river.

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