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  1. Congratulations! Discomfort is a strong word because it won't really be anything you feel until you have to pee for about a week, and even that isn't discomfort per se, it's just, well, "weirdness". You have some burning only with urination, but that was almost to me like what a massage feels like when you are sore from a workout - pain but the kind that goes away as soon as it's no longer being touched. For me, the "weirdness" was adjusting to the fact that you suddenly have a hole in your penis AND a piece of metal dangling there. It's hot, strange, pleasurable, and bizarre all at the same time.

    All that to say, you will like it immediately and LOVE it about a month later 🙂

    • Thanks for the pep talk! If it hadn't been for your blog, and specifically the jewelry you came up with, this wouldn't be happening.

        • Yeah. I think it's hot to be marked as Bear's property that way. I love the symbolism of metal through my dick.
          Not that I need help being horny, with the denial and near-daily teasing :).


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