Prince Albert

We have a date for punching a hole in my dick. It’ll happen in a little over 3 weeks.

Finding a date for piercing has a surprising amount of logistics to it. Not too soon, because Bear wants to sit with the decision to get me pierced. Not too late, because there’s an obstacle course coming in early October. And allowing enough time to stretch to 4ga for the late May date of getting a locking curved barbell. With the date we chose, I’ll have 6 weeks to heal for the obstacle course, and 7 months to stretch from 8ga to 4ga. That should be plenty on both counts.

The piercer I chose will pierce at 8ga, but not 6ga. He confirms that a bigger initial piercing means a faster healing time. I’ve been given the usual cautions regarding sexual activity after piercing, and been advised to wear supportive underwear “the day of,” and maybe bring a maxipad. So noted.
Oh, and I learned that there is no significant difference in healing time between choosing a curved barbell or a ring for initial jewelry. Bear will pick out jewelry while we are there. I intend to get the 6ga and 4ga pieces as well while we’re there, so I don’t have to travel again to stretch the piercing.

I am looking forward to being pierced, and expect the first few days after will be full of discomfort.

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  1. Congratulations! Discomfort is a strong word because it won’t really be anything you feel until you have to pee for about a week, and even that isn’t discomfort per se, it’s just, well, “weirdness”. You have some burning only with urination, but that was almost to me like what a massage feels like when you are sore from a workout – pain but the kind that goes away as soon as it’s no longer being touched. For me, the “weirdness” was adjusting to the fact that you suddenly have a hole in your penis AND a piece of metal dangling there. It’s hot, strange, pleasurable, and bizarre all at the same time.

    All that to say, you will like it immediately and LOVE it about a month later 🙂

    1. Thanks for the pep talk! If it hadn’t been for your blog, and specifically the jewelry you came up with, this wouldn’t be happening.

        1. Yeah. I think it’s hot to be marked as Bear’s property that way. I love the symbolism of metal through my dick.
          Not that I need help being horny, with the denial and near-daily teasing :).

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