Your milkshake no bring any boys to yard, you take away

On Tuesday, I experimented with what is called prostate milking in pervy parlance, or so I am told. The science on prostate health and frequency of orgasm is inconclusive. Reasonably, then, I could ignore it all and just not do anything about it, and a good many people go that route. Still, prostate massage is recommended as a way to improve prostate health, and so with that, I think I’ll come down on the side of regular milking. Bear has no qualms with this plan in general, though I neglected to let him know I’d be experimenting that day. Not my proudest moment.

I used a “Nobra Standard“, which is a vibrator that is very beautiful, very quiet, extremely powerful (12V motor, baby – no high-pitched whine here), and handcrafted in Germany. Worth every Eurocent I paid for it. I could nerd longer about that thing, and maybe I shall in a future entry.

Angling the vibrator just so and rubbing it over my prostate produced a bit of precum, though I stayed limp. After a while, I positioned the head of the vibrator directly on the prostate. That thing is powerful enough that when I played with the speed, my buttocks would jiggle in resonance. That’s an odd feeling and no mistake.

Finally, I just set it to its highest setting and left it there. My cock started twitching – still no more than maybe quarter engorged and mostly lying there – and there was a part of me that thought “this is working, so you should really stop this and resume with Bear.” Yeah, I ignored that part of me. I felt something like the buildup to the point of no return, and then a good amount of semen was pumped out. I don’t think that was an orgasm. There wasn’t the buildup of pleasure and release that I associate with an orgasm. It was an ejaculation, and I did have a refractory period.

Definitely no more of that kind of play without Bear around, or at least without his explicit knowledge and consent. We haven’t figured out how often I’ll do this. I think I am going to suggest “every 10 days or so” for longer periods of denial.


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