Reader question: Smaller gauge PA

Anonymous writes:

My boyfriend is considering getting a PA and we’ve been reading about it, and I’m seeing that stretching happens naturally over time… Neither of us really want him to stretch too much. Probably a 6ga or 4ga is the biggest we’d want, although I guess there’s no way to definitely know until we try things out – but the idea of the hole being stretched that far is just not attractive to us (sorry everyone who does this, I’m sure you’re sexy as hell). Will he inevitably have to size up more than that? Does opting for titanium help slow this down?

How much the piercing naturally stretches over time is very, very individual. Mine didn’t at all, until I got to the heavy steel jewelry around 00g and beyond. In fact, it outright refused to stretch. Other people have the opposite experience. “Dicks are all special snowflakes”.

If you don’t want to go past 6ga or 4ga, just stay there. Lighter jewelry such as titanium will definitely help, as will, I imagine, a curved barbell, which is lighter than a ring with ball closure by its nature, and also won’t “lay over” and tug. He’ll have a sense of how easily he stretches when moving from 8ga to 6ga. Definitely take your time with that one.

Ask your piercer for advice, as well, they know way more than a dude on the Internet who just happens to wear a PA and has a blog.

At what gauge the piercing is comfortable for him will be individual. Some people are perfectly happy at 6g. I still felt some pinching, which went away at 4g. 2g felt even better, and that would have been a very sane size to stop at. Not that I did :).

All the best, here’s to you both getting a ton of pleasure from the piercing!

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