The PA piercing I have doesn’t readily stretch on its own. That might be because the titanium curved barbell I have had in there does not weigh a whole lot. It’s been a bit over 4 months since I was pierced, so I figured I’d help things along a little, by means of a taper.

The taper I chose is stainless steel, and long enough to be gentle. I did, however, go for the budget model – reasoning that I’d need it only once – and that means it doesn’t screw into the jewelry I bought. That wasn’t the best decision I could have made.

I used a sterilizing wipe just because. I realize that’s no autoclave. The only person handling the jewelry is myself, though, so I think I’ll be fine here.

With plenty of (sterile) lube, there was quite a bit of pinching when the taper was about 2/3rds of the way through. A few minutes of gentle pressure and patience saw it going almost all the way through, and I then pushed it through with the jewelry, intending the jewelry to follow. No such luck. See aforementioned “wouldn’t it be nice if the jewelry screwed to the taper.” I tried twice more and got some spotting of blood, so I stopped and put the old jewelry back in.

I could not, of course, let this go. A few hours later I tried again, this time connecting the jewelry to the taper with plumber’s tape. Very hick, ya’ll. That sort of worked, but not really. The tape, even lubed, does not want to go through the piercing. After a bunch more tries, I removed the tape again, and by that time the piercing was loose enough that the jewelry did follow the taper through after three attempts or so. No blood this time.

I’d like to know why my dick wants to be fully erect when I’m subjecting it to this kind of treatment. It must be as kinky as I am.

End result: Sore dick, and a 6ga stainless steel circular barbell. I chose a circular barbell and steel this time because this style of jewelry is heavier. I am hoping that will make the next stretch to 4ga easier, which I may attempt in 2 months.

I can say that I think a circular barbell is sub-optimal when you’re uncut. I expect I’ll go back to a curved barbell when I have stretched to where I want to be, which, right now, is 2ga.

Happy New Year!


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    1. Yeah, let’s say I don’t want a repeat. It’s fine now, but I’m going to take it easy with future stretches. I’ll let go of the fixed date I had in mind and just see how things are going over time. When the Internet tells you “take your time and listen to your body,” it’s not kidding. I’m listening. Even if I wasn’t fully, before.

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