Summer update

Bear announced he’d have me come a lot, sometime in January. He wasn’t kidding. I think on average he has me orgasm once every week-and-a-bit. It’s a challenge, actually, I’m not used to coming that often any more.

Three times now, my body just refused. Bear orders me to come, I’m hard, I’m right there – and I can’t. I writhe, I moan, I groan, I cry out, it feels like I am well past the point of no return and the feeling of Bear’s hand on my dick is insanely intense – and still I can’t come.

I apologized to him for that, and he reassured me that I never needed to apologize for not coming, even when ordered to. That’s a relief.

It’s not happened twice in a row. The next time he tells me to come, usually a couple days later, I do. Literally screaming, in one case.

The 0ga piercing continues to be a joy. I imagine it to be more sensitive than the 2ga was. I can’t say that’s objectively true, but then it doesn’t have to be. The custom-ordered titanium ring for it arrived, and we both like the look and feel of it.

The Steelworxx “Securo-Cage 2” has been sent back and forth a few times. Measuring dicks is a challenge, y’all. It’s now as well-fitting as it can be, and I still can’t use it. Something in there “catches” on the thread of the screw that screws through my PA piercing, or that’s what it feels like at least. Removing that screw again is excruciatingly painful. I’m hoping that as my piercing stretches a bit further over time, that’ll get easier. I don’t expect to be able to wear that device any time soon. A shame, really.

We’re continuing to use the “daily touch-points” that Mistress Sky taught us. Our being taught by her has come to an end; what we did learn is immensely helpful to integrating D/s into our relationship.

Bear has started giving me tasks which are rewarded by points, using an app. He hasn’t come up with rewards yet. He says he likes how I’ve been making a point of completing tasks. I like the praise.

And that’s about it on the kink side. Meanwhile we’re also busy remodeling bits of our house. I’m liking where it’s going, though it’s going very very slowly.

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    1. Alas, it’s not seeing use. It’s got some design gotchas which means wearing it can be quite painful. If I manage to solve that, I’ll do a review.

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