Dick jewelry – recommendation

Since I’ve had my dick pierced, I’ve been trying different jewelry manufacturers. I’ve finally settled on one that works best for me, and so I’ll make a straight-up recommendation.

What I am looking for in steel jewelry is:

  • High quality surgical steel
  • Well crafted
  • Large end balls available
  • Ideally: Balls can be re-used when gauging up
  • Ideally: Threaded tapers available

The desire to have large end balls┬ábears explaining. To avoid the top ball of my PA slipping into my meatus, I need a 9/16″ ball. I rushed stretching because I am a) impatient and b) wanted to get to a larger gauge so the jewelry wouldn’t “slip in” any more, sooner rather than later. That was not ideal. If I could have had a 9/16″ ball at 6ga, that’d have been ideal.

And so my recommendation: Body Circle Designs.

Their “large-gauge” barbells (6ga and up) can be ordered without balls, and you can order balls individually from 1/4″ all the way up to 1″. These balls work from barbell gauges as low as 6ga and as high as 1/2″ (beyond 000ga).

I’ve been using a 2ga curved barbell with a 9/16″ ball at the top and a 3/8″ ball at the bottom since August 2016. It’s been completely comfortable, and has helped me heal the “blowout” I caused when stretching to 2ga too soon.

I’ve also used Industrial Strength, which was my go-to vendor while stretching. I can’t re-use end balls from gauge to gauge there, and they don’t offer sufficiently large balls below 2ga. Even at 2ga they don’t go beyond 1/2″, which is still not quite right for me. While they are a good vendor, that makes them unsuitable for my personal use.

I am not an affiliate of either vendor. I don’t get paid for this recommendation.


Jewelry malfunction

I do like the Industrial Strength steel jewelry. It’s precision-machined and clean. It turns out, you can overdo precision machining with cock jewelry. While skiing, I lost one of the balls to my horseshoe barbell.

I had warning this might happen. One night, when we had friends over, one of them picked up that ball from the floor and said “I just found this, what is it?” Oh boy. I told him thanks, and I’d need a minute, and disappeared into the bathroom.

After that I looked at Loctite Purple, but didn’t use it because after screwing the ball on as tight as it would go with hand strength, it didn’t budge for a month or so.

Until I went skiing. The extra friction must have screwed it right off. I ordered a replacement ball and will use Loctite this time.

Somehow the words “Loctite Purple” in combination with cock jewelry is a bit scary, but I’ll trust that “low strength” means exactly that.



Prince Albert

We have a date for punching a hole in my dick. It’ll happen in a little over 3 weeks.

Finding a date for piercing has a surprising amount of logistics to it. Not too soon, because Bear wants to sit with the decision to get me pierced. Not too late, because there’s an obstacle course coming in early October. And allowing enough time to stretch to 4ga for the late May date of getting a locking curved barbell. With the date we chose, I’ll have 6 weeks to heal for the obstacle course, and 7 months to stretch from 8ga to 4ga. That should be plenty on both counts.

The piercer I chose will pierce at 8ga, but not 6ga. He confirms that a bigger initial piercing means a faster healing time. I’ve been given the usual cautions regarding sexual activity after piercing, and been advised to wear supportive underwear “the day of,” and maybe bring a maxipad. So noted.
Oh, and I learned that there is no significant difference in healing time between choosing a curved barbell or a ring for initial jewelry. Bear will pick out jewelry while we are there. I intend to get the 6ga and 4ga pieces as well while we’re there, so I don’t have to travel again to stretch the piercing.

I am looking forward to being pierced, and expect the first few days after will be full of discomfort.