orgasm denial

Fall Cornucopia

Nothing much changes for months, and then a bunch of stuff does within weeks. Fun! We’ve been to a D/s intensive, “Delving into Power“, we have a new ritual and another one we’re going to experiment with, and I had my first-ever nocturnal emission. I’d call it a “wet dream” but it really wasn’t that. …

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Four months

Four months of a normal sex life, being teased and brought close by Bear once or twice a week, four months without ejaculation, and I’m loving it. This is only the third time since we started playing with orgasm denial that we’ve gone this long. I feel accomplished in that I consider myself much better …

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We attended our local MAsT meeting yesterday. The discussion theme was “Individuality in the community”. The discussion quickly got to the various ways that the leather / BDSM community can be very prescriptive, normative: Be a rugged individual who bucks convention, but the right way. If there’s one thing I want to say, again and …

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