Dick jewelry – recommendation

Since I’ve had my dick pierced, I’ve been trying different jewelry manufacturers. I’ve finally settled on one that works best for me, and so I’ll make a straight-up recommendation.

What I am looking for in steel jewelry is:

  • High quality surgical steel
  • Well crafted
  • Large end balls available
  • Ideally: Balls can be re-used when gauging up
  • Ideally: Threaded tapers available

The desire to have large end ballsĀ bears explaining. To avoid the top ball of my PA slipping into my meatus, I need a 9/16″ ball. I rushed stretching because I am a) impatient and b) wanted to get to a larger gauge so the jewelry wouldn’t “slip in” any more, sooner rather than later. That was not ideal. If I could have had a 9/16″ ball at 6ga, that’d have been ideal.

And so my recommendation: Body Circle Designs.

Their “large-gauge” barbells (6ga and up) can be ordered without balls, and you can order balls individually from 1/4″ all the way up to 1″. These balls work from barbell gauges as low as 6ga and as high as 1/2″ (beyond 000ga).

I’ve been using a 2ga curved barbell with a 9/16″ ball at the top and a 3/8″ ball at the bottom since August 2016. It’s been completely comfortable, and has helped me heal the “blowout” I caused when stretching to 2ga too soon.

I’ve also used Industrial Strength, which was my go-to vendor while stretching. I can’t re-use end balls from gauge to gauge there, and they don’t offer sufficiently large balls below 2ga. Even at 2ga they don’t go beyond 1/2″, which is still not quite right for me. While they are a good vendor, that makes them unsuitable for my personal use.

I am not an affiliate of either vendor. I don’t get paid for this recommendation.


Prince Albert: 2ga

About a year ago, Bear had my cock pierced with a “Prince Albert” piercing. I started at a jewelry size of 8ga – about 1/8″ of an inch – and have stretched that, over this year, to 2ga today, about 1/4″ of an inch.

My last attempt to go to 2ga didn’t turn out well. This time around, I stretched much more slowly, over a period of a week and a half, and it still didn’t go well. As before, the newly stretched piercing would heal for about 3 days, and then get increasingly irritated and inflamed and sore again.

This time, I had alternate jewelry ready, a titanium captive bead instead of the surgical steel horseshoe barbell. That solved it, and allowed the piercing to heal.

I’m not sure why the steel barbell didn’t work for me. It’s possible the steel is not of the advertised quality and I had an allergic reaction, though the 4ga barbell by the same manufacturer was fine. It’s also possible it was just too damn heavy. I may try wearing it again when the piercing has had a few more months to heal.

I had a few reasons to want to be at 2ga.

I got pierced originally so a locking hollow “piss-through” titanium curved barbell by Steelwerks could go in there. That sounded insanely hot to the both of us. It turns out Bear likes the look of a captive bead ring a whole lot better than a curved barbell, so that idea is out, and a titanium “rainbow-hued” captive bead ring is in. It’s got the kinky “ermagerd it’s locked into me” factor as well: That thing isn’t going anywhere without using a very serious-looking tool.

I didn’t like that the ball at the end of the barbell could slip into my urethra. Well, it still can. It certainly can with the captive bead ring, and even the horseshoe barbell with a 1/2″ ball at the end is not immune to it. If Bear ever gets cured of his Crohn’s and I get to top him again, I may need to go to 0ga. That’s a far-off hypothetical, so I’m not bothered by it.

I wanted the jewelry to be thicker just because I liked the look of it. 2ga is a resounding success. It looks nice. Not so thick as to look out of scale in comparison to my cock head; thick enough to be substantial and not look flimsy.

No more stretching and cross-your-leg entries from me for the foreseeable future :).



This is going to be one of those “cross your legs” posts. Fair warning.

A month ago, I decided it was time. Time to stretch my PA piercing to 2ga. With Bear watching, I took my time, and stopped with the taper about halfway through, when it started to be painful. It freaked Bear out, and stopping there was the right thing to do. I’d try again 3 days or so later.

And then impatience got the better of me (only half a millimeter to go! How bad can it be?) and I tried again 3 hours later, ignored the pain, and pushed that taper through, followed by a heavy 2ga steel horseshoe barbell. Bad idea.

I was in pain for the night. Radiating out to my hips and feet type of pain. The next morning, I was walking funny. Still, I didn’t take the 2ga jewelry out. Surely, this would heal again. Another bad idea.

Two days later, the piercing felt better. I had also learned that 2ga jewelry is way heavier than 4ga, and I need to be careful standing up from the toilet. I bruised my cock head when the jewelry hit the rim. Ouch.

Another day or two later, the pain was back, and it wasn’t getting better. There was an angry red donut of flesh around the piercing hole, what Google tells me is called a “blowout”. I tried going down to 4ga. That lasted less than a day.

Ultimately, I had to step down to 8ga, the size I was first pierced at. I waited three days, during which time the piercing stopped being so angry and was closing up. Then I slipped the 6ga jewelry in, which fit, if barely.

After another three weeks, I carefully stretched back to 4ga. Minor discomfort with that. That was last night, and that’s where I am at now.

Hopefully I didn’t create a lasting problem. Scar tissue doesn’t stretch very well. I will wait another month or two, and then slowly, in stages, stretch to 2ga again.

Why, one might ask, am I doing this to myself? Part of it is functional. I have a large urethral opening. The largest ball diameter available for 4ga easily slips into my urethra, which does notĀ make for sexy times. A 7/16″ ball, which is what came with my 2ga jewelry, still slips in. I’ve ordered a 1/2″ ball, with the hope that it’s big enough to stay outside my cock.

I do like the way 2ga looks. For the thickness of my cock, it’s the right size. Bear has ordered pretty rainbow-hued titanium jewelry in 2ga, with a 7/16″ captive bead. Hopefully the whole “ball can slip in” thing is much less of an issue with a captive bead ring than it is with a curved barbell or horseshoe barbell.

If urethral slippage continues to be a thing to worry about, then I’d have to be on to 0ga. Honestly though, after this next stretch, I think I can be done. I’ve learnt my lessons, and I’m not too keen to go through the stretch to 0ga. Though I will if Bear deems it necessary or desirable. Slowly. Ever so slowly. Not all in one day.

I’m reminded of a saying: “Slow is fast.”



Jewelry malfunction

I do like the Industrial Strength steel jewelry. It’s precision-machined and clean. It turns out, you can overdo precision machining with cock jewelry. While skiing, I lost one of the balls to my horseshoe barbell.

I had warning this might happen. One night, when we had friends over, one of them picked up that ball from the floor and said “I just found this, what is it?” Oh boy. I told him thanks, and I’d need a minute, and disappeared into the bathroom.

After that I looked at Loctite Purple, but didn’t use it because after screwing the ball on as tight as it would go with hand strength, it didn’t budge for a month or so.

Until I went skiing. The extra friction must have screwed it right off. I ordered a replacement ball and will use Loctite this time.

Somehow the words “Loctite Purple” in combination with cock jewelry is a bit scary, but I’ll trust that “low strength” means exactly that.



Have PA, will travel

I’ve been through airport security six times since I stretched the PA to 6ga and started wearing a steel circular barbell instead of the titanium curved barbell I had before.

In a nutshell, it’s not an issue. The old-style metal detectors don’t react to this amount of metal. The operators of the backscatter full body scanners do frequently flag my groin area – or “sensitive area” as the TSA agent put it. How TSA reacts to that depends on the agent and the airport. In a few airports, they ignored it. In one airport, they checked the inside of my waistband. And once, they gave me a thorough pat-down, including multiple passes over my genitals with the back of the agent’s hands.

I did not volunteer that I have a genital piercing. All that triggers is a pat-down, and pat-down is the standard response anyway.

There’s not much else going on. Bear has been sick as a dog with severe cold for a few weeks. I miss having sex with him. He’s mending, so it can only be a matter of days :).


Aching for it

It’s been 9 days since I was pierced. It feels as if gentle teasing would be possible now, though I feel pretty certain Bear will want to wait a while longer. I continue to boggle at the rate a PA heals at.

Bear, for his part, wants no part of touching my cock while it’s healing. He’s touched me briefly for a second or two, and once indulged me by resting his hand on my cock for a full half minute. I am used to frequent teasing, and I miss it. And, that’s part of the arrangement: Just because I want my cock played with doesn’t mean that happens.

Case in point, Bear was in bed reading Sunday morning, and I started playing with his balls. Before long, he was getting hard, and I asked for permission to suck him off. Which he gave.

I lie down with his left leg draped over my torso, so he can touch my cock if he wants to. Ever hopeful, me. And start by kissing his cock and balls, then giving him a few good slow licks before taking him into my mouth.

I am fully, achingly erect while I suck Bear off. He is moaning and getting very much into what I am giving, and then he grabs my head with both hands and starts fucking my mouth, hard. I am no longer sucking him off now. It’s all I can do to keep my teeth off him. I can’t move my head at all.

When he comes, he releases me enough that I can take him deep, burying my nose in his crotch. I stay there for as long as his orgasm lasts, and gag a bit towards the end. Then I surface for air, and lick him clean. I thank him. He squeezes another drop of cum from his cock, and I lick that up, too.

And during all this, he doesn’t touch my cock once. I am still achingly hard. I know my erection won’t be played with. I feel an up-welling of submission and gratitude. I offered him pleasure and he took it, and that is so very right.



That burning feeling

Day 6 since I received my PA piercing, and it’s continuing to heal well. Yesterday evening, I had an itch in my urethra and the urge to piss although my bladder was empty. I was hoping this was just the wound healing, like the itch you get when something scabs over, and not a urinary tract infection. I used wound wash for a third time that day for good measure, and about an hour later the symptoms stopped. I felt greatly relieved.

This morning, touching the jewelry is still tender, but no longer painful. Night-time erections, likewise, are tender, but no longer painful. I’ve asked Bear for permission to wear the cock ring around the house again, and he’s given it.

I am amazed at how fast this is healing, and I love the way the jewelry looks. I can hardly wait until this is healed enough for Bear to start teasing me again. It’ll take another week, tops two, is my best guess.