Prince Albert: 2ga

About a year ago, Bear had my cock pierced with a “Prince Albert” piercing. I started at a jewelry size of 8ga – about 1/8″ of an inch – and have stretched that, over this year, to 2ga today, about 1/4″ of an inch.

My last attempt to go to 2ga didn’t turn out well. This time around, I stretched much more slowly, over a period of a week and a half, and it still didn’t go well. As before, the newly stretched piercing would heal for about 3 days, and then get increasingly irritated and inflamed and sore again.

This time, I had alternate jewelry ready, a titanium captive bead instead of the surgical steel horseshoe barbell. That solved it, and allowed the piercing to heal.

I’m not sure why the steel barbell didn’t work for me. It’s possible the steel is not of the advertised quality and I had an allergic reaction, though the 4ga barbell by the same manufacturer was fine. It’s also possible it was just too damn heavy. I may try wearing it again when the piercing has had a few more months to heal.

I had a few reasons to want to be at 2ga.

I got pierced originally so a locking hollow “piss-through” titanium curved barbell by Steelwerks could go in there. That sounded insanely hot to the both of us. It turns out Bear likes the look of a captive bead ring a whole lot better than a curved barbell, so that idea is out, and a titanium “rainbow-hued” captive bead ring is in. It’s got the kinky “ermagerd it’s locked into me” factor as well: That thing isn’t going anywhere without using a very serious-looking tool.

I didn’t like that the ball at the end of the barbell could slip into my urethra. Well, it still can. It certainly can with the captive bead ring, and even the horseshoe barbell with a 1/2″ ball at the end is not immune to it. If Bear ever gets cured of his Crohn’s and I get to top him again, I may need to go to 0ga. That’s a far-off hypothetical, so I’m not bothered by it.

I wanted the jewelry to be thicker just because I liked the look of it. 2ga is a resounding success. It looks nice. Not so thick as to look out of scale in comparison to my cock head; thick enough to be substantial and not look flimsy.

No more stretching and cross-your-leg entries from me for the foreseeable future :).


Stretching, round 2

After my last attempt at a PA piercing stretch turned out rather unpleasant, I figured I’d get better tools this time. I got a threaded taper and a horseshoe barbell to go with it, 4ga in size. I use sterile lube packets and a sterilizing wipe, to reduce the risk of infection. UTIs are the devil.

This went much better. I gave it a go on a Sunday and got the taper about halfway in before it moved from “that pinches” to “that hurts.” I let it be and tried again when I felt ready three days later. That time, it went in reasonably easily to about halfway. I got it to three quarters through with patience, lots of lube and some deep breathing, and then it slid through the rest of the way.

The way these tapers work they, unfortunately, have a bit more of a gap between the taper and curved jewelry than you’d want, so moving the jewelry through after the taper was through took a bit of care and adjustment of angle to avoid pain.

About a week after that, Bear offered to tease me and I really wanted that, so I didn’t say a thing when his ministrations didn’t feel so tender. I paid for it the next day. Owch. My cock is pissed off with me. I’m sure it’ll recover with proper rest.

My local piercing studio would do the stretch for me, and it’d cost me a lot less than buying these tapers. But: From what I read, a professional piercer will basically jam the taper through there. That does not sound like fun. I’d rather do this at home, where I can take 5 minutes, and can stop and try again a few days later if it doesn’t feel right.

My experience with larger jewelry has been good so far. I got pierced at 8ga, and even after 4 months of healing, that could still feel “pinchy” when Bear stroked me. With 6ga, that feeling was just about gone (after a few weeks of letting the stretch heal). I’m assuming 4ga will feel even better once it’s healed again.

The Internet tells me 2ga and a curved barbell with a large ball on top is the “sweet spot” when penetrating a partner. Large enough to be pleasurable, not painful for either party, and nothing that can snag on anything. I don’t penetrate, but it’s good to know :).

I’m not one of those guys where the PA stretches naturally, at least not within 2 months. I ordered a taper and barbell to stretch to 2ga. It should take 1-2 months to get here, and I’ll likely attempt another stretch in 2-3 months.

I’m not quite sure where I’ll end up. Bear is still interested in a hollow barbell. The ball on the 4ga jewelry disappears pretty easily into my urethra, and that ball’s the equivalent of 0ga. I don’t want to piss past a hollow barbell, that sounds messy. I’ve sent a note to Chris at Steelwerks Extreme on sizing advice.

Piercing my dick still has been the best thing I’ve done for it. I do love the PA. Can’t recommend it highly enough – as long as it’s safe to get the piercing, of course.



The PA piercing I have doesn’t readily stretch on its own. That might be because the titanium curved barbell I have had in there does not weigh a whole lot. It’s been a bit over 4 months since I was pierced, so I figured I’d help things along a little, by means of a taper.

The taper I chose is stainless steel, and long enough to be gentle. I did, however, go for the budget model – reasoning that I’d need it only once – and that means it doesn’t screw into the jewelry I bought. That wasn’t the best decision I could have made.

I used a sterilizing wipe just because. I realize that’s no autoclave. The only person handling the jewelry is myself, though, so I think I’ll be fine here.

With plenty of (sterile) lube, there was quite a bit of pinching when the taper was about 2/3rds of the way through. A few minutes of gentle pressure and patience saw it going almost all the way through, and I then pushed it through with the jewelry, intending the jewelry to follow. No such luck. See aforementioned “wouldn’t it be nice if the jewelry screwed to the taper.” I tried twice more and got some spotting of blood, so I stopped and put the old jewelry back in.

I could not, of course, let this go. A few hours later I tried again, this time connecting the jewelry to the taper with plumber’s tape. Very hick, ya’ll. That sort of worked, but not really. The tape, even lubed, does not want to go through the piercing. After a bunch more tries, I removed the tape again, and by that time the piercing was loose enough that the jewelry did follow the taper through after three attempts or so. No blood this time.

I’d like to know why my dick wants to be fully erect when I’m subjecting it to this kind of treatment. It must be as kinky as I am.

End result: Sore dick, and a 6ga stainless steel circular barbell. I chose a circular barbell and steel this time because this style of jewelry is heavier. I am hoping that will make the next stretch to 4ga easier, which I may attempt in 2 months.

I can say that I think a circular barbell is sub-optimal when you’re uncut. I expect I’ll go back to a curved barbell when I have stretched to where I want to be, which, right now, is 2ga.

Happy New Year!