4 submissive concepts

I am in “submissive training” or, probably more accurately and less formally, in “submissive mentoring” with Mistress Sky, and she taught me 4 submissive concepts during our first session together. I find them immensely useful, more so as the weeks go by, and wanted to share. Being alert. Specifically, being aware of my surroundings, and noticing …

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Sir and pet

Since my last “here’s everything that happened since 2016” post, there’s been good progress. Bear told me that he wanted to talk about my being his pet again, since he felt awkward every time the topic came up. A few days later, we sat down and discussed it. He is now my Sir, and I …

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August’s been a month of changes. For starters, Bear wants me to write a monthly recap. And he’ll do a bit of fetish photography each month, which is a hobby he’s been wanting to get into but that daily life always seems to get in the way of. I’ve been wearing the collar Bear picked …

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Freedom porn

It’s been a pleasant 4th of July weekend. There were steaks (overdone), burgers (just right), yard work, we had the daughter’s boyfriend over and played with the dog (the actual dog, I should clarify). And somewhere in there, we also found time to be frisky. I had knelt sometime Friday and asked Bear whether he …

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