Talk to each other, you say?

On our 19th anniversary, Bear said “It’s a shame you have a hard time reaching yourself when I hump you. I really like it when you stroke yourself.” Eh? Wut? I don’t have a hard time reaching myself, I just didn’t ask for permission to stroke because I thought it’d be, you know, improperly submissive. Focus on the pleasure of the Dominant and all that.

Yeah. 19 years and now I find out that Bear loves it when I stroke myself while he fucks me; and he finds out I can reach myself just fine. I guess this is what they (They!) mean when they talk about “good communication”. Too funny.


Yay I have mail! “modem” writes:

This is awesome. Please keep your orgasm tracker active; it’s hot seeing how long you go. I’d love to see you keep a log of long denied edging sessions too, but I’ll admit it’s only for… reasons.

Perhaps logging your “successfully denied” masturbation sessions would help motivate better behavior? You get the payoff (and recognition) for being horny enough to jerk off, but disciplined enough to stop. We can distinguish between “success due to swamped at work” from “really struggling but well-behaved”.

Thank you for the kudos! It’s always nice to get feedback. “Long denied edging sessions” are rare with us. Mostly Bear strokes me while I get him off. I don’t set an egg timer, but around 10 minutes or so, less if he comes particularly quickly.

We do have this “dice” thing going, which Bear has suspended for the time being. Too many orgasms without permission. A tracker for masturbation sessions sounds like fun, if rather self-indulgent fun. I didn’t want to clutter the orgasm tracker with daily entries, so I’ve installed and adapted an events plugin for the purpose. Enjoy! Brand-new masturbation calendar. Goodness me. The debauchery around here.

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