That burning feeling

Day 6 since I received my PA piercing, and it’s continuing to heal well. Yesterday evening, I had an itch in my urethra and the urge to piss although my bladder was empty. I was hoping this was just the wound healing, like the itch you get when something scabs over, and not a urinary tract infection. I used wound wash for a third time that day for good measure, and about an hour later the symptoms stopped. I felt greatly relieved.

This morning, touching the jewelry is still tender, but no longer painful. Night-time erections, likewise, are tender, but no longer painful. I’ve asked Bear for permission to wear the cock ring around the house again, and he’s given it.

I am amazed at how fast this is healing, and I love the way the jewelry looks. I can hardly wait until this is healed enough for Bear to start teasing me again. It’ll take another week, tops two, is my best guess.

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