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  1. Thanks! I am, btw, not going to have the foreskin removed. It’s a bit of skin and scar tissue around the piercing hole, which you can’t see here. That smarts when Bear teases me, and gets downright painful with a chastity cage. I’ll put up before / after pictures with the surgery - and will have to see how far it closes down while it heals.

    • It took years. And a few mistakes - stretching created additional skin that eventually broke that led to painful scar tissue that I had removed surgically. Most people I read about don't have that hard of a time, they just stretch "naturally" and easily, with one bloke claiming he got to 00g in a year, by just letting the weight of the jewelry do its thing.
      Dicks all behave their own way. Special snowflakes the lot of them.

      I really loved that 00g. It was heavy enough that it would "weigh down" my erections. Even raging hard, my dick would remain lying on my thigh because of the weight. That's a fun mind-fuck. I'm down to Titanium 0.5ga to let the surgery heal, and I expect I can get back to 00ga again quite easily once this is fully healed.


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