Thundershirt: Not just for dogs

Yesterday evening, Bear wanted a full-body massage. When I was done with it, he told me to kiss his (limp) cock, which I happily did. He teased me to distraction, then we slept.

This morning, I was allowed to bring him to orgasm by masturbating him. After, he said he’d hope to hump me Sunday, if he feels up to it then. The way he said that, I know I won’t come until Sunday – and I don’t know whether I will then, either. I kink pretty heavily on the control he has over my pleasure and my orgasm, and on not knowing what he has in store for me. Sunday will be 15 days since my last orgasm, since I can’t help counting.

We talked about prostate milking. He’s good with it, as a preventative measure. He thinks “every 10 days or so” would be a good frequency. I’ll keep track, since, see above, I can’t keep myself from counting anyway, and I’ll ask him to be allowed to milk myself when the 10 days are up. And we’ll see how that works out. I don’t foresee this being a big thing, it’s more maintenance than anything else.

And then he went to get a little more sleep, falling asleep with his hand laying on my cock. I had things to do around the house, but I postponed them for an hour, until he rolled away, just to enjoy that possessive, and very pleasurable, gesture.

Right now, I am quite horny. Not “crawl up the walls” horny, but close. I very badly want to touch there, but I’m not allowed to touch there, so I don’t. To give myself sensation, I’m wearing a leather contraption around cock and balls. I find this actually calming, the immense erection it produces notwithstanding. Maybe it works like a Thundershirt for the cock?


What I’ve been reading

These are articles and posts that caught my eye this week. They are not chastity-related.

Being poor measurably impacts IQ and leads to bad decision-making. Fascinating research, and a really good angle to think about when it comes to figuring out how to help people out of poverty.

A young woman writes on her realization that she has been a misogynist all her life. Powerful, powerful stuff.

Making it in IT as a woman, by dressing like a man.


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