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  1. Congrats on the piercing! I almost fainted reading your discription, but that's just me. I once fainted at the doctor's office when I had to get a tetanus shot and got a look at the size of the needle. True story. I now always tell them not to show me the needle whenever a shot is required and they are always very understanding. (Well, at least to my face).

    If I ever did this, I would have to have someone do all the aftercare, because I would definitely faint at the sight of that much blood. I am so impressed by your dispassionate description of the events. Good for you, and good luck with the healing process!

    • I hate needles myself. Fear them, ever since childhood dental surgery that took so long they couldn't add more sedatives, and had to sew it shut with the sedatives wearing off. Not. Fun.

      I kept my mind away from needles, that's all. Just tried to keep it blank and focus on breathing, and not think about what's going to happen. That worked to a degree.

      So if I am dispassionate in my description, it's because this is how I deal with being really rather freaked out: I compartmentalize my emotions and retreat.

      I think I'd be really worried about you fainting if I were the one to provide wound care. You could hit your head! And have a serious injury, rather than just a tiny hole in your dick. That's scary.


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