Toy chest: Evotion Bijou review

We have never used a cock cage around here. Sometimes, even with years of conditioning behind me, I will stroke myself when not allowed. I asked Bear to be allowed to wear a cage when I realize I can’t control myself, or for extended travel, and he said he was fine by it. I was looking for something that was light-weight, allowed full erections, anchored by the PA, allowed some access for teasing, fit well, and wouldn’t break the bank. What I settled on was the 3D-printed Evotion Bijou.


Evotion have a helpful measurement page.After asking for guidance from them, I erred on the smaller side for the shaft diameter and cage length. Flaccid, I am between 34mm and 40mm wide, and between 53mm and 73mm long. I ordered a cage with a 36mm inner diameter, 40mm long. Those measurements turned out to be just right. The cage is snug, and compresses me noticeably but not painfully when I am erect. The shorter length avoids pinching against the cock ring I wear at home.

What Evotion do not ask for is PA height, and that turned out to be an issue. By “height”, I mean the vertical distance between the piercing and the middle of the urethral opening. They do ask for “depth”, the horizontal distance – or in the case of the Bijou, for some reason, the slightly slanted horizontal distance.

I am thicker than most men. The first pin they sent me, which I ordered in their “foreskin” model, didn’t work at all. It had a height (measured to the middle of the pin) of 13mm, which compressed the glans uncomfortably, became outright painful with erections, and trapped my foreskin so it’d pinch and eventually develop an edema.

I ordered a replacement pin in Titanium, 2mm higher. This one works better: In hindsight, I should have asked for 4mm higher, for a total of 17mm. What I have now fits into the bottom of the urethral opening snugly when I am flaccid, and is somewhat uncomfortable, though not outright painfully so, when erect.

Update Mar 2020: That pin doesn’t stay comfortable for more than two days, its middle is about at the bottom of the urethral opening, which means there’s another 3mm or so “pushing me down”. After some measuring, Evotion made me a pin with 18mm PA height, first as a plastic prototype. That was the right height, and I then discovered that the tip is compressing my glans, which leads to excruciating pain when erect. Evotion don’t ask for glans height or glans width, just glans length. That’s going to be uncomfortable for people with a larger glans. They’re making me a whole new cage now – fingers crossed. Shaft and pin are good, now the tip just has to fit.

My advice: When you are ordering, specify the height of the PA pin – from the piercing hole to the middle of the urethral opening. Also give them your glans height and glans width, measured at the same place as the height. I’ve amended their sizing guide.
I have also given this sizing feedback to Evotion, and received a somewhat generic reply: ” We will sincerely take your thoughts into consideration.”

Fit and finish

The cage fit well, the issues with the height of the pin aside. I had originally ordered a plastic pin, thinking that I wanted to save some money in case I needed to adjust the pin and order a replacement.

Good thinking on the need to adjust; horrible idea with the plastic. The finish on the plastic is far too rough to go into the urethra. Even with 600 grit followed by 2,000 grit, it was still far too rough.

Likewise, the “edges” of the cage, where it fits behind the glans, were too rough for comfort. Some 600 grit and 2,000 grit smoothed that out enough that it’s comfortable on the skin of the penis. If I didn’t have foreskin, I expect this would be quite unpleasant – but maybe not, I hear that cut men become less sensitive.

When I gave this feedback to Evotion, they told me that they were surprised that I found their finish too rough. I suggested they might want to look into tumble-polishing their device after manufacture.

For the finish: Plan on some sanding. Your sensitivity will vary, of course.

The first pin didn’t fit at all, see Measurements above. I ordered a replacement Titanium pin, 2mm higher. Which, when it arrived, did not physically fit into the hole in the cage it is meant to pass through. That came as a surprise. The reason is that the Titanium pin has a “lip” on it (likely manufacturing related) that the plastic pin and the plated pins do not have – and so it wouldn’t fit through. I had to elongate that hole with a 500 grit jewelry file I happen to have on hand. That really, really didn’t feel “bespoke”. I hadn’t expected to have to file away material. Sanding is one thing, this is a whole another.

Evotion replied, their explanation of why that lip on the pin is there makes sense to me: “I apologize for the tight fit of the pin. We actually produced a replica of part of your shaft piece to make sure the titanium pin would fit. I believe that you could have forced it a bit and it would have popped through. The nylon is very resilient and can deform slightly without damage.  But a bit of filing on your part was a fine solution. We have found from other client’s feedback that the lip on the back edge of the pin helps prevent it from slipping inside the piercing and makes it more comfortable.”

For the pin fit: If you think you might ever want Titanium, ask Evotion to make sure a Titanium pin will fit, when you order. And, see measurements above, specify pin height.

The lock is a standard integrated brass lock. A little bit of silicone oil once a month should keep it corrosion-free. These are easy to source in good quality. I see the use of a standard lock as a convenience.


Pin height sizing issues and initial roughness of the finish aside, this cage is wonderfully comfortable and light. It doesn’t pull on the piercing, allows full erections, and allows access to the corona of the glans for teasing. Cleaning is easy in the shower, because the cage isn’t solid, but instead uses a printed filigree pattern. The pin can be ordered in a form that allows for foreskin, which adds greatly to the comfort. I’ve only worn this for one night so far, and yet am confident to say that this cage can be worn indefinitely, without needing to be removed for cleaning or travel, with the only exception being MRIs and surgeries. It can likely be used for “permanent” chastity, or as close as one can come to that. I’ll update this post with a comment on longer-term wear, when I have worn it for longer.

Not that we will make this cage permanent, mind you. We both enjoy tease and denial too much. Both Bear and I want frequent edging and denial. It arouses us both, and makes me intensely grateful to him.

Final Thoughts

If I had to assign a number to it, I’d give this device 4 edged and denied dicks out of 5. That could come to 5/5 with a few changes: Smoother finish, height of the pin as well as glans height and width asked for on order, and a cage that allows a Titanium pin replacement without needing to take a file to the cage.

For pricing, this device was $330 with the foreskin-modified plastic pin, plus another $350 for the Titanium replacement pin. Expect roughly 2 months manufacturing time, for the initial order and any changes after. It’s my “starter” device, after the disaster with the Securo Cage, and will also likely be the only device I’ll ever wear. The only alternative I’d consider would be a Steelwerks Crucible. Those are easily 3 times the cost of this, and I actually prefer to have my dick more visible and accessible. For me, the Bijou is exactly the right device.

4 thoughts on “Toy chest: Evotion Bijou review”

  1. Nice review! I’m a little surprised you don’t wear a base ring which would prevent erection. I think that if a device will let you get hard, you can also have an unauthorized ejaculation too. I’m getting an Evotion Orion and will be reviewing it. This device doesn’t require a piercing. I had a frenum piercing for years, but finally let it close up.

  2. To answer the question why I don’t use a device with base ring: I can come without permission any time, because I don’t typically wear a cage.

    Conditioning makes it easier not to. The device is a toy, and it can also help me when I find it very hard to keep from stroking myself. Just having the device is enough then, I wouldn’t try and come with the device in place.

    To allow a full erection was deliberate. Bear likes to see me hard and straining, whether out of a device (most every day) or in one.

    1. Right? It’s exactly the design we want. They are making me a pin that exits “higher up”, so in a few months I should have a cage and pin that fits me well and I can wear for more than a day or two.
      We are not using a device now, so this would be a toy, not for chastity enforcement. We are both keen that I can still have full erections and “strain” in the cage, that’s why a design that’s anchored by a PA, not through a ball trap ring.
      Plus, I wear a cock ring at home, which is pleasant and also symbolic of our relationship: We don’t want that part of our daily routine to be disrupted by a cage.

      That Evotion don’t ask for “PA height” means they don’t fit out of the box for people with thicker dicks. After another bout of measuring, they shipped 13mm height “standard”, I asked to have that redone to 15mm without fully understanding yet that I had to measure carefully and how critical this was, and I have now asked for 18mm. They’ll ship me a plastic prototype so I can verify it’s the right fit, before going to Titanium again. That’s a lot of back-and-forth over a missed measurement.

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