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Toy chest: Evotion Bijou review — 4 Comments

  1. Nice review! I'm a little surprised you don't wear a base ring which would prevent erection. I think that if a device will let you get hard, you can also have an unauthorized ejaculation too. I'm getting an Evotion Orion and will be reviewing it. This device doesn't require a piercing. I had a frenum piercing for years, but finally let it close up.

  2. To answer the question why I don’t use a device with base ring: I can come without permission any time, because I don’t typically wear a cage.

    Conditioning makes it easier not to. The device is a toy, and it can also help me when I find it very hard to keep from stroking myself. Just having the device is enough then, I wouldn’t try and come with the device in place.

    To allow a full erection was deliberate. Bear likes to see me hard and straining, whether out of a device (most every day) or in one.

    • Right? It's exactly the design we want. They are making me a pin that exits "higher up", so in a few months I should have a cage and pin that fits me well and I can wear for more than a day or two.
      We are not using a device now, so this would be a toy, not for chastity enforcement. We are both keen that I can still have full erections and "strain" in the cage, that's why a design that's anchored by a PA, not through a ball trap ring.
      Plus, I wear a cock ring at home, which is pleasant and also symbolic of our relationship: We don't want that part of our daily routine to be disrupted by a cage.

      That Evotion don't ask for "PA height" means they don't fit out of the box for people with thicker dicks. After another bout of measuring, they shipped 13mm height "standard", I asked to have that redone to 15mm without fully understanding yet that I had to measure carefully and how critical this was, and I have now asked for 18mm. They'll ship me a plastic prototype so I can verify it's the right fit, before going to Titanium again. That's a lot of back-and-forth over a missed measurement.


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