Toy chest: Glans and shaft rings

I am wearing a cock ring, that goes around the base of my cock and my balls, daily. But then I learned: Wait! There’s more of your cock you can put metal around! That is, your shaft, right at the base, and your shaft just under your glans. Mind, blown. Right?

I picked these rings up from Gear Essentials, the same place I also have my cock ring from. They feel great, I couldn’t be more pleased (I also couldn’t be more engorged, or not by much). They also do work with the piercing in place, which is lovely. I really thought I’d have to give up on the glans ring.

I use a Surge ring for the glans, and a Titan for the shaft. I really like the way the Surge fits under the corona of the glans.

For the Surge ring, the one that fits right under the head, 1/16″ of an inch is a big difference. I ended up buying two, at 1/16″ apart, and the smaller one is perfect erect and limp, while the larger one tends to slip off when limp. You’ll want to be careful with sizing, go “true to size”. Measure your erect circumference just under the head, divide by Pi. Maybe take one lonely 1/16 of an inch off that number. Another 1/16″ smaller would not be cool, in my case.

The shaft is a lot more forgiving. I wear a 1 1/2″ ring, and that fits well limp as well as hard. For reference, that’s about a half inch smaller than the erect shaft diameter. I also tried it in a wider version at 1 5/16″, but that ends up freaking Bear the hell out. Those 3/16 of an inch are the difference between “fits well” and “fits barely,” and he hates the look of seeing my dick so squeezed.

Dick Pic Friday of these rings being worn, below. Posted with Bear’s permission. Do I even need to say “so very NSFW”?


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