Toy chest: Steelworxx Securo-Cage 2 review

In late 2017, after discussion with Bear, I ordered a chastity tube: Something to enclose the head of my penis, to make it easier not to masturbate. The device I chose was the Steelworxx Securo-Cage 2. It’s a tube with an urethral insert, secured through a Prince Albert piercing.

It took over a year to “get it right”, with the device traveling back to Germany a few times and me taking several-months-long frustrated “I’m not dealing with this thing” breaks in between. It’s now as “right” as it’s likely to be, or I have energy for, and it will remain something I may use for at most an hour. That’s because the sheer weight of it irritates the piercing it is suspended from, to the point where removal becomes painful. It weighs 5.3 oz.

A Steelwerks Crucible is the right answer here if metal is desired and it shouldn’t be a ball-trap device. Drew heaps glowing praise on it, and I believe him when he says it’s amazing. We want want to spend that kind of money, however, so instead we’ve ordered an Evotion Bijou. It’ll be a boon for travel: That is when I struggle most, when I am away from Bear.

There were two major issues with the Securo-Cage 2, and one minor one.

Before ordering, I was in contact with Dietmar, the manufacturer, and told him I didn’t really know what I was measuring here. I didn’t receive additional instruction, and wasn’t wise enough to push for it. As a result, the sizing was completely wrong when the Securo-Cage 2 arrived. Trying to wear it overnight led to bleeding. This was because I had measured incorrectly.
Lesson learned: Measure horizontally and vertically only, never at a slant, never following the curve of a surface with the exception of circumference; and do include all foreskin in your measurements. If it’s useful to others, I’ll add a picture of a Crudely Drawn Cock with measuring lines here. Just leave a comment and it’ll be done.

After I understood what I had done wrong there, we revised measurements, and Dietmar made a second device. Now the issue was that the post that screws into the urethral insert would pinch tissue and be painful.
I went back and forth with him on that, trying smaller posts, to no avail, until I bought a nasty little toy, a screw-in Prince’s Wand, that tapered its post. No pinching of tissue. D’oh. Of course.

Back it went once again, and Dietmar made the post I had asked for. When it arrived, the screw portion of that post had some nasty sharp edges, including a spur at the base end of the screw. I had emery cloth from previous attempts, which means this was easily remedied.

Dietmar made all these alterations free of charge, though I did send him some money for the second device. Arguably, getting the measurements that wrong was on both of us.

I now have a device that fits me reasonably enough, though erections in it are uncomfortable. The post no longer pinches tissue, and the screw’s edges have been blunted by me. It’s just plain too heavy to wear without irritation that becomes painful after an hour. And that’s with an 8mm (0g) piercing that is a year old since the last stretch. I wouldn’t want to try this device for even an hour with a smaller gauge.

For short play sessions, I can see the appeal of this thing. Also for people who like their chastity to be somewhat painful. For orgasm denial lasting days, weeks or months, it isn’t fit for purpose.

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  1. I have been trying out various steel cage devices. I get them cheap on eBay or DHGate for less than $20. When I find one I like best, I will use it for a “template” for something custom.

    I’ve bought about six, now. I like the cage style because it’s easy to clean while wearing.just The tube style begins to reek after a few days in my experience. The cage style is also a lot lighter.

    I’ve narrowed my choice down, but just when I think I have got it, another new one strikes my fancy.

    Oh, you would secure the cage with a locking pa piercing, if you were wondering.

    Thanks for the review and good luck!


  2. Thanks! We’ll be trying a 3D-printed model, still without ball trap, next. I’ll review that too, when I’ve had some experience with it.

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