Travel Plans

I am going on a trip to Munich soon, without Bear. I will miss serving him breakfast in the morning. It’s become a cherished part of our routine, and it gives us an opportunity to be with each other in the morning, even if only for a moment, before we rush off to start our respective days.

I’ll also be sans cockring, which I expect will feel odd. Bear has me wearing the ring when I am in the house, and I am used to feeling its steel heft around my shaft, and to the random, strong erections it causes.

It’s been a short three weeks since Bear had me come last, and when I return, I’ll be close to week five. These for me longer periods between orgasms feel completely normal now, if still quite exciting and at times maddening. I suspect Bear is having fun with pushing me a little bit further each time, and I am more than game to play along.

We sat down recently to talk about our feelings when we first attempted a Master/pet relationship, and failed at it. It started going seriously wrong when we moved in together. We have baggage there. We have better tools now for talking to each other, though they can still feel uncomfortable at first to Bear. I am glad we had the talk. I understand better now what Bear felt at the time – overwhelmed, to a large degree. And worthless, when I started withdrawing. That’s heavy stuff. I have an inkling this won’t have been our last talk on the topic.


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