It’s Day 4 since receiving my PA piercing. I had switched to boxers yesterday to help with the pain of getting the jewelry caught in my boxer-briefs during nightly erections. That change helped. It still hurts getting hard, enough to half-rouse me from sleep, but it’s a lot less unpleasant than it was.

I met a vendor rep at a bar yesterday, and used the restroom there. I had read so much about needing to learn to piss again, I was worried I might splash on my dress pants or shoes, and make a spectacle of myself.

I need not have worried. I can piss almost exactly as before. Urinals are, hurray, not a problem. Okay, not a big problem. I am so excited about seeing the jewelry in my dick that I started getting hard, which made it more difficult to piss. A weak stream of urine gets diverted by the jewelry to go down rather than straight out, but still hits the urinal, not me. A normal stream of urine goes straight out. There’s no leakage from the bottom hole, which is covered by the ball of the jewelry and my foreskin.


2 thoughts on “Tumescence”

  1. It’s kind of amazing how fast it’s healing up. Especially considering the first day!

    I am glad for you, and somewhat relieved.
    Hope you stay the course!

    1. I am amazed myself at how quickly this is healing. I am very much looking forward to when the jewelry can be touched without pain. At this rate, that might be in as little as 2 weeks.

      See? Nothing really to be worried about. You know you want to. 🙂

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