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  1. How do you think it would differ, if you only saw bear once in a while, compared to living with him? Would it be different for you if kink wasn't a part of your everyday life except for chastity?

    I have noticed a change, compared to you ive been denied for only a short while. 26 days. But NO sex or pleasure. 14 days in, i was stimulated briefly via electrode, for His amusement, no touching. When I was masturbating every day, I was irritable, and sometimes aggressive. I looked ro orgasm as a way to self sooth but sometimes ended up feeling empty and even angry.

    Since being in chastity, I feel ive grown calmer, more complacent and submissive. I hunger to give pleasure, serve, and obey where befor chastity, i WANTED ti, but had a REALLY hard time doing so and often ended up frustrated and annoyed.

    Chastity has been good for me, but I'm hoping ti negotiate an outlet

    • I think seeing him only once in a while would be rough. I thrive on receiving pleasure. I need touch, it helps me to know I am loved. I'd feel neglected without sex, or daily touch. I really don't think I am cut out for an online, long distance kind of relationship.

      Now, I think chastity is the main kink in our everyday life. There's an element of service, me making him coffee in the morning and serving it kneeling, filling up the humidifier before bed, and addressing each other as pet and Sir frequently, if not all the time. But when it comes to "sexy things to do", we are quite vanilla, with the exception of the tease and denial.

    • Side note: Boy was I optimistic in 2014. It took until 2019 to be halfway to where I can be denied long-term. I'm more realistic now and expect set-backs, though I also still fantasize about that 2-year or longer denial period.


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