Violent fantasies

Trigger warning: This post is about rape fantasies.


2 thoughts on “Violent fantasies”

  1. All loving relationships are a sort of Stockholm Syndrome.

    Have you thought about doing what I call a Talk Fantasy? The idea is that the two of you are lying together. He starts to narrate a fantasy he has. You get to contribute to the narrative, but only in a way that builds off of what he’s saying (no rejecting or criticizing his desires. It’s like the Improve technique of ‘yes, and…”) So you two take turns telling an erotic story that expresses things you find arousing. And while you’re doing it, you stroke each other, but aren’t allowed to cum until you get to a natural climax in the story. And when you’ve both finished, then you talk about what parts you liked or didn’t like and which parts you might want to explore. The idea overall is to create an environment in which it’s ok to express ANY desire, with the understanding that it’s not real.

    1. That’s good advice, thank you. I’ve shared it with Bear and we may do that. Minus the bit where I come, because, well, I don’t. đŸ™‚

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